DUBAI 8TH - 12TH DECEMBER, 2015 : Arbitration & ADR Professional Accreditation & Membership Programme.
Masters & Post - Graduate Diploma Programme.


Globally, individuals and organisations are faced on daily basis with the ever – increasing conflict situations whether in business, politics, government, religion, etc., and this has led to worldwide demand for Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and other forms of ADR processes in resolving these conflicts
The Ivy-league International Dispute Resolution Institute [IDRI] in collaboration with a leading ADR Institute – Arbitration & ADR In Africa [AAAAA], and a leading African University – GIMPA University [GIMPA], Accra Ghana, are now running Masters & Post – Graduate Diploma Professional Programmes in Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, and Peace & Conflict Settlement Studies.


[a] The minimum requirement for the Masters Programme is a University Degree [Second Class Lower] or Polytechnic Higher National Diploma [Credit] or equivalent, in any discipline.

[b] The minimum requirement for the Post – Graduate Diploma is a University Degree or Higher National Diploma or equivalent, in any discipline.

[c] For a Post – Graduate Diploma holder to proceed to the Masters, he/she must score an average of 50% in the Post – Graduate Diploma examination

[d] Members of the IDRI Institute and other similar mega global ADR Institutes would be given waivers in some courses


[a] For the Masters Programme, the fee is U.K £7,500.

[b] For the Post – Graduate Diploma Programme the fee is U.K £6,500.
Note that the above fees are subject to review from time to time.


  1. Prof. C.J. Amasike, Ph.D Nigeria.
  2. Prof D. Butler, LL.D South Africa.
  3. Prof. E. Stewart [SC], Ph.D Ireland.
  4. Prof. F. Achampong, Ph.D Ghana.
  5. Prof. J. Faris, LL.D South Africa.
  6. Prof. D.C. Richards, Ph.D USA.
  7. Prof. M. Riccomagno, Ph.D Italy.
  8. Prof. B. Hamida, Ph.D France.
  9. Dr. S. Kratzsch, Ph.D Germany.
  10. Dr. F. Amarkwei, Ph.D Ghana.
  11. Dr. G. Blanke, Ph.D Germany.
  12. Dr. A. Ansong, Ph.D Ghana.


[a] The duration for the Masters Programme is 12 months made up of 9 months of intensive bi- weekly lectures with practicals and 3 months internship.

[b] The duration for the Post – Graduate Diploma is 9 months made up of 6months of intensive bi – weekly lectures with practicals and 3months internship.

Abuja Nigeria & Accra Ghana.

9th January, 2016. Submission of application closes
20th December, 2015.



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