DUBAI 8TH - 12TH DECEMBER, 2015 : Arbitration & ADR Professional Accreditation & Membership Programme.

In line with our objectives to provide clients with leading-edge arbitration and alternative dispute resolution service, consultancy, capacity-building, linkage, and inter-institutional cooperation and to promote the development, sustenance and use of Arbitration and ADR in Africa, AAAAA renders international quality services in the following areas, inter alia:

  1. Provision of Arbitrators’ services. Only arbitrators with excellent qualifications, experience, competence and demonstrated capability are appointed or recommended.
  2. Provision of ADR services. Only ADR Practitioners-Mediators, Conciliators, Evaluators, Regulators, Adjudicators, Ombudsmen, etc, with excellent qualification, experience, competence and demonstrated capability are appointed or recommended.
  3. Establishment of Arbitration & ADR Centres and Departments for government, professional bodies, institutions, etc.
  4. Establishment and administration of large, medium and small claims dispute resolution schemes
  5. Capacity-building and educational training of potential Arbitrators and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners
  6. Capacity-building, and continuous professional development [CPD] of qualified Arbitrators and ADR Practitioners.
  7. Maintenance of a register of Arbitrators & ADR Practitioners [panel of neutrals] who may be recommended or appointed to render services.
  8. Register of expert witnesses who may be recommended or appointed to render services.
  9. Provision of pre-hearing services which most times are necessary to determine the nature of the dispute and the most appropriate mode of settlement
  10. Provision of support to third party neutral in collecting and documenting memoranda necessary for Arbitration or ADR services.
  11. Provision of third party neutral during sessions.
  12. Provision of counsel services during sessions
  13. Provision of all necessary logistics for successful hearing, including arranging and contacting expert witness, choice of appropriate seats of hearing and hearing follow-up.
  14. Provision of dispute management
  15. Provision of research and analysis on conflicts and disputes
  16. Provision of pilot projects for Arbitration & ADR users to resolve disputes.
  17. Provision for partnership with communities world-wide, to build their conflict/dispute resolution capacity for resolving and healing from conflict/dispute situations
  18. Provision of conflict dispute assessment design facilitation
  19. Provision for consultation and facilitation on implementing consensus-based community empowerment processes for public policy decisions
  20. Provision for restorative justice programme, truth and reconciliation commission services.


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